Other drinks


When you need a cocktail there is always barman in Uoma’s bar ready to stir or shake a cocktail or even a signature cocktail for you.

Aperitive before dinner helps You to get the right mode. After dinner cocktail is the thing what really make the finishing touch.
classic cocktails and Uoma’s signature cocktails refresh all day, wake up Your appetite or finishes the experience 

Uoma Spritz  8 €

Aperol, Uoma's kombucha, sparkling water

strawberry Gin & Tonic 9 €

Strawberry infused gin, Tonic water

Uoma Ice Tea 11 €

Makers Mark Bourbon, Uoma's nettle tea, sugar, lemon

spruce sprout koskenkorva 8 €

Spruce sprout infused Koskenkorva, sparkling water

Rhubarb Americano 12 €

Campari, Vermouth Rosso, Rhubarb Cordial